VOLT AI for Fight Detection


Every Second Counts 

Violent behavior became a common occurrence in our daily lives. Not only are we at risk of encountering it on the streets, but we also witness it at the workplace, with certain professions being more prone to it. 

  • 20,000+ people in the US experience workplace violence every year, with 73% of victims being women 
  • 63% growth in violent attacks against medical professionals in recent years
  • 31,000+ criminal offenses reported on more than 10,000 college campuses every year

Solution for Violence Detection - VOLT AI:

VOLT AI offers an innovative solution for violence detection, such as assaults or fights, as soon as it enters a frame of your camera. Key benefits:

  • Mitigate Risks: alert first responders to intervene and prevent the issue from escalating
  • Enhance Safety: promote the feeling of safety - while safeguarding individual privacy
  • Investigate Fully: instantly review footage related to the incident  

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April 3, 2024

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