Fortify your perimeter security with VOLT AI

Boost access control

Monitor people entering and leaving, and everything in between

Respond in seconds

Respond to suspicious behavior as it occurs

Safeguard privacy

Improve perimeter protection while ensuring privacy


Monitor your building on a 3D map

See real-time geolocation as people move through your facilities


Serve as virtual escort to your contractors and vendor staff

Define visitor areas and let VOLT monitor them


Prevent insider threats

Get notified when potential bad actors enter restricted areas and/or at suspicious hours


Address loitering and vandalism in real time

Get notified about people & vehicles loitering

Respond to perimeter breaches in real time

Cover your entire facility with a diverse set of risk profiles

Custom risk-zone rules
Detect unusual activity based on hours and locations

Remove sensory overload

Zero false alarms
Receive SMS and email alerts for real events
Automated and live person talk-down speaker

Track building access in real-time

Real-time tracking of unauthorized access
Share intruder’s live location with the team on the ground

“VOLT has transformed our security operations at Ripple, making us more proactive and efficient.”

Sal Mani, Global Director
Technical Security at Ripple