VOLT for Real Estate


Optimize Security and Reduce Costs with VOLT AI

Enhance your real estate security operations with VOLT AI. Our technology is designed to cut costs, increase operational capacity, and reduce response time, providing a comprehensive approach to building security.

With features like location-specific incident alerts, our system offers a 3D map pinpointing exactly where in your building a threat or emergency is occurring, even tracking the threat’s movements. Stay vigilant across all areas, including clubs, lounges, pools, and parking lots.

Our real-time AI-powered security alerts ensure you are notified immediately of incidents such as weapon detection, fights, loitering, trespassing, and even unauthorized vehicle parking. Additionally, our system detects falls and other medical emergencies, generating detailed reports with images, video evidence, and timestamps that are easily accessible from any device.

Experience the benefits of real-time threat detections, precise reporting, custom escalation paths, and complete visibility from anywhere with our centralized cloud-based platform. Learn more and book a demo by emailing us at

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June 13, 2024

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