Corporate Security with VOLT: Manage centrally, respond locally with real-time incident detection


Know where your people are at all time

Provide peace of mind and safety in a privacy-sensitive way

Manage incidents in
one place

Empower teams across the organization with a single web-based platform

Reduce risk while keeping the costs low

Enhance corporate security posture while minimizing costs

Know where your people are at all time


Monitor your building on a 3D map

Use real-time geo location to your advantage


Threat tracking at your fingertips

Identify the threat and automatically track the current location


Serve as virtual escort to your contractors and vendor staff

Define visitor areas and let VOLT monitor them


Help employees in case of a medical emergency

VOLT detects people on the ground and in distress

Manage incidents in one place

Focus on real incidents

Zero false alarms 
Receive SMS and email alerts for real events
All incidents are validated by VOLT VSOC within seconds

Manage incidents end-to-end

Real-time video clips brought to you - no more searching for relevant footage
Send information to critical members of the team
Centralized data for easy retrievability

Send help to the right place at the right time

Get notified in under 15 seconds for critical events
Fully customized escalation chains
Share real-time incident location with first responders

Reduce security risk while minimizing cost

Supercharge your personnel

100% camera monitored with AI
Reduce the need for physical patrols
Optimized resource allocation in your facilities

Boost your cameras with AI

Connect your cameras to a single AI brain
No need to rip and replace your existing cameras
Optimized camera coverage with automated recommendations

Streamline operations with cloud VMS

Integration with most camera platforms
Seal incident data for chain of custody
Access on-the-go, mobile or any web browser

“VOLT has transformed our security operations at Ripple, making us more proactive and efficient.”

Sal Mani, Global Director
Technical Security at Ripple


How does VOLT AI specifically improve security for my employees?

VOLT AI proactively detects potential threats, such as weapons, violence, or unauthorized access. This gives security teams the ability to react quickly, enhancing employee safety and well-being within your facilities.

How does VOLT AI improve incident management?

VOLT AI simplifies the incident response process by providing security teams with centralized access to all relevant video evidence for each incident. Instead of time-consuming manual searches, footage can be accessed with a click, leading to significantly faster incident resolution and report generation.

Can VOLT AI offer insights to improve corporate security strategies?

Yes! VOLT AI analyzes security data to provide insights into risk profiles within different areas of your corporate infrastructure. These insights empower you to make data-driven decisions for proactive security measures and optimized staffing models.

How does VOLT AI help reduce costs within security operations?

VOLT AI eliminates the need for constant manual camera monitoring. By working with your existing camera systems and adding AI-powered analysis, VOLT AI delivers a cost-effective way to enhance security without expensive equipment upgrades.

Does VOLT AI offer weapon detection?

Absolutely! VOLT AI's real-time weapon detection is a cornerstone of its corporate solution. It alerts security teams immediately if weapons are detected and dynamically tracks their movement, allowing for a swift response.

Can VOLT AI help identify and prevent violence in my workplace?

Yes, VOLT AI is equipped with advanced algorithms for detecting violence, including fighting and assault. This proactive approach allows security teams to intervene promptly, preventing escalation and ensuring a safe environment within your corporate premises .

Does VOLT AI enhance the security of corporate parking areas?

Yes, VOLT AI extends its security monitoring to parking lots, often a major concern for enterprises. By actively monitoring for theft, suspicious activity, and other risks, VOLT AI protects employees and visitors in these areas.

How does VOLT AI integrate with existing corporate security systems?

VOLT AI seamlessly integrates with your current camera network, enhancing your existing systems. It offers a user-friendly interface to manage and monitor real-time alerts and data, maximizing your current security investment.

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