Improve your security posture with VOLT’s VSOC

Centralized risk intelligence

Empower teams across the organization with a single web-based platform

Scale security operations with ease

Support the growth of your organization by seamlessly adding new locations

Reduce operational costs

Enhance security posture while minimizing costs


Monitor all your buildings on a single pane of glass

Unify all your video systems regardless of manufacturer


Serve as virtual escort to your contractors and vendor staff

Define visitor areas and let VOLT monitor them


Scale your capacity with ease

VOLT VSOC enables you to do more with fewer resources, regardless of the number of cameras or buildings


Supercharge your SOC with AI

Get notified about potential threats across all locations in seconds

Imagine your security operations with zero interruptions. Ever.

Single pane of glass across all your facilities

Custom risk-zone rules
Detect unusual activity based on hours and locations

VOLT is your AI SOC analyst that never sleeps

100% camera monitored with AI
Custom escalation chains based on events and location
Auto911 for critical events

Human-in-the-loop support

Every event is reviewed and validated within a few seconds
Redundancy for critical events

"Volt AI has demonstrated real benefits and value for our property teams by utilizing technology to enhance emergency preparedness."

Lenny Sciascia, Tishman Speyer
Managing Director and Global Head of Property Management