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Enhance Your Security Operations with VOLT AI

Discover how VOLT AI can revolutionize your security operations with our AI-powered security solution. Designed to cut costs, increase operational capacity, and reduce response time, our technology ensures your safety measures are both effective and efficient.

With features like real-time AI alerts for security threats and medical emergencies, our system provides immediate incident response through automated alerts via SMS, email, and the VOLT portal. Our precise and thorough reporting includes exact location data, video evidence, and incident timelines, saving you valuable time during critical moments.

Tailor alerts to specific incidents, locations, or buildings, ensuring the right people are informed at the right time. Manage your building’s security seamlessly from any device with our centralized cloud-based platform offering complete visibility of all cameras.

Learn more about how VOLT AI can transform your security operations and book a demo by emailing us at

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June 13, 2024

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