Elevate Video Surveillance to Video Intelligence


Core Capabilities

AI-powered detection & tracking

ML models trained to detect weapons, fights, medical emergencies, and more
Human-in-the-loop validation through VOLT’s VSOC
Dynamic tracking of people and objects as they move through your facility

Facility-wide situational awareness

All your locations on a live 3D map
Real-time intelligence on occupancy
Dynamic rendering of people movement

Privacy-secure people matching

AI monitors behaviors, not people
People are matched based on numerous ML models
Fully encrypted PII data
We Care About School Safety
Exclusive offer: $32 per stream, per month for K-12 Public Schools
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Everything you need for incident management
in a single platform

End-to-end incident management
VSOC & Cloud VMS with SAML & SSO
Security resource allocation analytics and optimization
Single dashboard for camera health monitoring across all your properties
Direct nationwide 911 integration
Custom escalation chains
SOC2 compliance
Up to 10-year video archiving
Access from anywhere – no port-forwarding or VPNs

Integrations & Implementation

Live in 24 hours


Immediately plug in and gain access to VOLT AI.

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Live in 5-7 days

On Prem

Receive server and immediately plug in and gain access to VOLT AI.

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Ship server

Plug & play


Perception AI

VOLT is powered by state of the art architecture

Advanced computer vision to track and dedupe objects

Real-Time Object Tracking: Accurately tracks objects across multiple camera feeds using advanced algorithms.
De-duplication Technology: Identifies and removes duplicates of the same object in the system.
Adaptive Learning: Enhances recognition and tracking accuracy by adapting to environmental changes.

Visual transformers

Cutting-Edge Transformer Models: Utilizes latest transformer networks for superior image analysis.
Enhanced Feature Extraction: Improves detail and context through focused self-attention mechanisms.
Scalable Architectures: Processes high-volume data efficiently in real-time for demanding applications.




Do we need to buy new cameras to use VOLT?

No! VOLT AI works with your existing cameras. This makes getting started very easy and saves you money on camera replacement.

Does VOLT AI protect people's privacy?

Absolutely! VOLT AI is all about safety and privacy. It focuses on finding threats fast, but it also protects personal identity and/or other private information.

Can VOLT AI really detect weapons?

Yes! VOLT AI is trained on large amounts of data consisting of images and videos to spot guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons. When VOLT AI detects a weapon, it alerts your team within seconds.

How does VOLT AI help with different emergencies?

VOLT AI is like an extra vigilant GSOC operator that looks out for emergencies 24/7. It notifies security teams and emergency services when it finds things like:

  • Fights or big crowds getting out of control
  • Someone who has fallen and needs medical help
  • Property damage happening right now
  • And many more events that need your immediate attention

What if I already have a security system?

No problem! VOLT AI seamlessly integrates and adds value to any security system available on the market. Specifically, VOLT  makes your existing system even more efficient and your team more effective by using your cameras to detect security risks in real-time.

What happens when VOLT AI finds a threat?

VOLT AI alerts your security team and first responders about high-confidence security risks within seconds. The alert tells them what's happening and where, so they can act fast.

Is VOLT AI expensive?

VOLT AI works with organizations of all sizes - from k-12 schools to Fortune 500 companies. Your pricing plan depends on how big your community is and how many cameras you need to connect. The best way to find out is to talk to our team for a personalized plan.

How long does it take to set up VOLT AI?

It's pretty quick! VOLT AI can usually be up and running within a day.

We Care About School Safety
Exclusive offer: $32 per stream, per month for K-12 Public Schools
Reserve Price