Protect your people when every second counts

Protect your people

Detect weapons and prevent escalations of violent behavior

Speed up response

Respond proactively when every second counts

Safeguard privacy

Improve security posture while ensuring privacy


Detect violent behavior

Identify aggressive behavior or fights inside your facilities


Immediate response to weapon detections

Real-time identification and tracking throughout your facilities


Track threat movement

Use real-time geo location to your advantage


Protect individual privacy

Protect your facilities in a privacy-sensitive way by having AI monitor behaviors, not people

Fast, coordinated response at your fingertips

Focus on real incidents

Zero false alarms
Receive SMS and email alerts for real events
Automated and live person talk-down speaker

Real-time location intelligence

Real-time tracking of the threat and its location
Share real-time incident location with first responders
Dynamic lockdown & emergency evacuation plans

Responding much faster with the right people

Fully customized escalation chains
Auto911 for critical events
Find, save, and share footage on-the-go in seconds

“VOLT AI’s continuous camera monitoring enables you to accomplish tasks more effectively and expand your operational capabilities.”

Joe Masters, ConocoPhillips
Chief Security Officer