Help people in distress and medical emergencies

Protect your people

Detect accidents and medical emergencies

Speed up response

Respond proactively when every second counts

Reduce liability

Protect your organization against potential lawsuits


Detect workplace accidents

Identify accidents and respond in seconds


Respond to medical emergencies

Get notified and respond to strokes, asthma attacks, heart attacks, etc.


911 integration

Real-time coordination with medical first responders


Protect individual privacy

Protect your facilities in a privacy-sensitive way by having AI monitor behaviors, not people

Navigating emergencies with speed and precision

Real-time notifications

Receive SMS and email alerts for medical emergencies
Automated and live person talk-down speaker

Be at the right place when it matters

Auto911 for critical events
Find, save, and share footage on-the-go in seconds

Automated archiving and unlimited storage

Full video evidence is created automatically
Keep record of events for up to 10 years

“VOLT AI offered a real opportunity to create the level of safety that I didn’t think was possible.”

Adam Neely, Principal
Prescott High School