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A real solution to a tough problem

Too many people lose their lives in armed robberies, school shootings, and other violent events. Talking about it is not enough. VOLT is building autonomous technology that protects people and property by preventing crime and stopping violence.


Cutting edge AI that detects threats by fusing and analyzing video, audio and other sensor data in realtime, enabling risk management and autonomous response capabilities.


Autonomous first-responder hardware with advanced intervention capabilities that requires no human assistance to stop armed assailants and other violent threats.

Who we are

VOLT is an effective security solution, not another tech gadget. Our software and hardware work when you need them – no excuses.


We are a team of experts from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, UBER, MIT, and the Department of Defense working on improving the safety and security of our neighbors, corporate partners, educational institutions, first responders, and military operators.


Backed by visionary investors, entrepreneurs, operators, security, and law enforcement experts. These relationships are built on years of trust and a shared vision for a better and safer future for all.


Years of experience, advanced degrees, and subject matter expertise don’t matter if you’re working on trivial problems pretending to make a difference. At VOLT, all our knowledge, experience, and efforts are focused on saving lives. 

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