Redefine public safety with real-time crime detection


AI security for safer cities

Monitor pedestrians and vehicles with AI while ensuring individual privacy

Faster response and investigations

Empower your teams with real-time communication and tracking

Shared intelligence across jurisdictions

Centralized intelligence across all neighborhoods in your city

Safer streets and neighborhoods


Detect violent behavior

Catch fights and weapons within seconds


Monitor high risk areas

Get notified about people loitering


Respond to medical emergencies

Identify slip & falls, heart attacks, and more


Protect individual privacy

Protect your streets in a privacy-sensitive way by having AI monitor behaviors, not people

Faster response and investigations management

Rapid response from emergency services

Direct nationwide 911 integration
Access any cameras across the city in real time
Live tracking superimposed on a city map

Thorough investigations in record time

Proactive real-time crime center
Find and track any person or a vehicle
Investigate crimes faster with geolocation mapping

Unprecedented situational awareness

Simultaneous monitoring of all video streams
Fully automated event escalations
Track people and vehicles from your mobile device

Shared intelligence across jurisdictions

Improve safety with actionable insights

Optimize street patrol routes
Identify high risk areas
Improve camera coverage to identify blind spots

Enable city-wide coverage

Connect your cameras to a single AI brain
Connect through 5G, LTE, or Starlink
SOC2 compliance

Streamline operations with easy access to video

Cloud VMS  w/ SAML & SSO
One-click access to video evidence
All relevant video footage is compiled into a single file automatically

“VOLT AI detects a threat before it becomes reality, so that we can respond much quicker.”

William Niemi, Sheriff
Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office


Do we need to buy new cameras to use VOLT?

No! VOLT AI works with your existing cameras. This makes getting started very easy and saves you money on camera replacement.

Does VOLT AI protect people's privacy?

Absolutely! VOLT AI is all about safety and privacy. It focuses on finding threats fast, but it also protects personal identity and/or other private information.

Can VOLT AI really detect weapons?

Yes! VOLT AI is trained on large amounts of data consisting of images and videos to spot guns, knives, and other dangerous weapons. When VOLT AI detects a weapon, it alerts your team within seconds.

How does VOLT AI help with different emergencies?

VOLT AI is like an extra vigilant GSOC operator that looks out for emergencies 24/7. It notifies security teams and emergency services when it finds things like:

  • Fights or big crowds getting out of control
  • Someone who has fallen and needs medical help
  • Property damage happening right now
  • And many more events that need your immediate attention

What if I already have a security system?

No problem! VOLT AI seamlessly integrates and adds value to any security system available on the market. Specifically, VOLT  makes your existing system even more efficient and your team more effective by using your cameras to detect security risks in real-time.

What happens when VOLT AI finds a threat?

VOLT AI alerts your security team and first responders about high-confidence security risks within seconds. The alert tells them what's happening and where, so they can act fast.

Is VOLT AI expensive?

VOLT AI works with organizations of all sizes - from k-12 schools to Fortune 500 companies. Your pricing plan depends on how big your community is and how many cameras you need to connect. The best way to find out is to talk to our team for a personalized plan.

How long does it take to set up VOLT AI?

It's pretty quick! VOLT AI can usually be up and running within a day.

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