Careers at VOLT


Working at VOLT

"It's exciting to be part of a mission-driven startup and contribute to public safety. I love the opportunity to take ownership, tackle complex problems, and delight our customers in this space."

Rishab, Technical Program Manager

"I see myself as more than just a developer: I am actively building this company with everyone. I'm constantly thinking about our mission, the big picture, and how all the pieces fit together."

Yaro, Senior Software Engineer

"I take pride in knowing that this is the most important work I will professionally ever do, working towards building a company designed to help people who are possibly experiencing their worst moments."

Steve, Operations

Our values


Prioritize Speed & Results

Act quickly and decisively, focusing on tangible outcomes, embracing calculated risks, and experimentation for continuous learning and improvement.


Build the Impossible

Champion groundbreaking innovation by daring to create what others deem unachievable, continuously pushing the boundaries of possibility.


Be Direct

Care personally and challenge directly. We grow as a company and individuals by actively giving and seeking feedback.

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