Perimeter Security with VOLT AI


First Line Of Defense 

Security breaches have become an unsettling reality in today's world, urging the need to safeguard the spaces where we work, learn, and live. Perimeter security systems offer the first line of defense against potential threats, ensuring that your environment remains protected and secure.

Thousands of security incidents occur annually, underscoring the critical need for robust perimeter security measures:

  • Insider threats affect 34% of businesses annually
  • Over one million burglaries occur every year with 40% of them occurring at non-residential properties 

Solution - VOLT AI:

VOLT AI provides a cutting-edge solution to fortify your perimeter security systems, detecting and responding to potential threats before an intruder has enough time to commit a crime. Key benefits:

  • Prevent Insider Threat: get notified when potential bad actors enter restricted areas and/or at suspicious hours
  • Enhance Safety: promote the feeling of safety - while safeguarding individual privacy
  • Investigate Rapidly: instantly review footage related to the incident    

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April 3, 2024

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